WELCOME…to the world of CAROLEE
In 2012, CAROLEE celebrated its 40th Anniversary. With enhanced capability, CAROLEE will continue to offer distinctive jewelry collections that reflect a contemporary woman's lifestyle and the finest in quality, prestige and sophistication.


CAROLEE jewelry collections span from sleek and modern sterling silver, to classic and colorful pearls, to fashion-forward seasonal trends The CAROLEE Bridal Collection features a wide range of exquisite adornments for the bride and her bridal party. Carolee is the jewelry destination for brides.



CAROLEE was founded in 1972 by jewelry designer Carolee Friedlander. Her mission: to design jewelry and accessories that women could come to know, trust, collect and build upon. Her commitment to quality and to marketing to women, set her apart in a very competitive industry. In 2001, Carolee sold the company to Retail Brand Alliance, owners of Brooks Brothers.


As a company of 80% women, CAROLEE has built strong ties to its customers representing a sense of style, taste and quality - and has become known for such attributes as trust, integrity, sophistication and confidence.One of the company's passions has been its involvement in working with women's organizations to drive greater awareness and opportunities for women in the business world.


For over 20 years the company has been instrumental in raising awareness and funds totaling over $2 million through product sales and in store fundraising events benefiting such organizations as Breast Cancer Alliance and The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.


CAROLEE jewelry is distributed in premier department and specialty stores worldwide and online at www.carolee.com

CAROLEE New York is rapidly expanding its global foot print to all corners of the world and in the process firmly establishing its brand name in a multitude of new markets.

If you would like to discuss an International Market opportunity, please contact Margie Connelly as follows:

Margie Connelly
Head of Global Business Development